Instruments for Purchase

  • A variety of violins, violas, and bows for the professional musician and serious student (examples at Metzler¬†and A. Cavallo)
  • Commissions
    • Violins
      • 1716 Stradivari
      • 1742 Guarneri
    • Violas
      • Highly innovative designs for the comfort of the player with acoustics to match. Sizes generally range from 16" to 16 1/2".
  • Optimization of instruments to the musician's style
  • Custom violins and violas
  • David's current student apprentice, Ellen Paul, is applying David's designs and acoustical principles in making affordably-priced violins

Instrument Maintenance

  • Expert tonal adjustments
  • Minor repairs
  • Bow re-hairing by Ellen Paul:¬†(301) 613-1026